12 month heartworm prevention

Most pet parents are familiar with heartworm disease and the need for year-round prevention.  Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitoes from infected animals and Dr. Mike and Dr. Dan recommend pets be on a preventative all year.  Even dogs and who are exclusively indoors are at risk for this disease.  Heartworm disease is easy to prevent, but difficult and costly to treat.  Most heartworm preventatives come in the form of an oral tablet or chewable that needs to be given every month. These oral medications are excellent at preventing heartworm disease and depending on the product can also provide flea protection and GI parasite control.

The problem with these monthly medications is that they need to be given 12 times a year and unfortunately, a high percentage of pet parents are missing some of these doses.  In an effort to provide better protection to at-risk dogs, Papillion Animal Hospital is now offering an injectable heartworm medication. ProHeart® 12, a new once-yearly injection that lasts 12 months, prevents heartworm disease in dogs one year of age and older. Its unique formulation provides long-lasting protection against heartworm disease and treats dogs for existing larval and adult hookworms.

This heartworm medication is perfect for healthy dogs who may not be getting 12 monthly doses per year.  By simply coming in for your routine annual exam, your dog can be protected year-round.  

Using the 12-month ProHeart® 12 , we are confident the convenience of this once-yearly preventative will provide you peace of mind and uninterrupted protection in preventing heartworm disease in your pets!

As always, if you have questions about this medication or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us!