Our pets love us unconditionally. So why leave them out on all of the celebrations that come with Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your pet some extra attention, after all, it is the day of love! Chocolate is clearly a bad idea and flowers would just wilt away in the corner unappreciated, but we have come up with some fun ways you can shower a little extra love on your cat or dog this Valentine‚Äôs Day.

Spoil them with a special treat!

You should definitely steer clear of the candy aisle in the grocery store when picking out a special treat for your pet this Valentine’s Day. But with this cookie recipe, we posted on our Facebook during Christmas, it can easily be adapted to Valentine’s Day! Or if your feeling adventurous, take your pooch for a car ride to visit a local pet bakery. They’re serving up seriously delicious treats catered to animal’s dietary restrictions and look adorable!

Kitten playing with Valentines toys

Let Them Pick out a New Toy

This one is a no brainer. Most stores have an open door policy for leashed pets, so get out there and explore! Wouldn’t it be so much fun to let them pick out their own toy? Plus they will be so excited to take it home and start playing with it.

Do something they love to do!

What would be your pet’s version of the perfect date? If he loves long walks in the park, get moving! Is it chasing around the evil red dot? Load up on extra batteries! Hours of fetch, you betcha! Whatever it may be, remember the time spent with them is about doing what they love.

Dogs on Play Date

Arrange a Play Date

Valentine’s Day may be all about the love you share for each other, but if your pet enjoys playing with others, invite his friends over for a good time. Or you could even meet up at a local doggy daycare like Barks N Brews, and spend the afternoon with friends!

Have a Professional Photo Shoot

If you are anything like us, then your phone’s photo album is loaded with pics of your adorable pet! This Valentine’s Day, take it one step further and get professional pet portraits taken! What an awesome way to document your special day together (other than a selfie)!

Whether you look forward to February 14th every year or not, try not to think about your everyday stress, just relax and remember this special day is about spending quality time with your best friend!