Senior Wellness

November Savings on Senior Pet Wellness!

If you have an elder pet, you know the joys of having a longtime, faithful companion. You also know that keeping your pet healthy and comfortable takes a bit more effort. Regular blood tests and exams can track how your pet is aging and catch underlying disease before it becomes a bigger problem.

That’s why during November, PAH is offering 20% off our Senior Wellness Package! The package includes exam, important blood screenings and urinalysis.

The tests included in your pets senior wellness visit are:


A physical exam is an important part of the senior wellness checkup. All body systems are assessed to check for any abnormalities. During the physical exam we check your pet’s weight, muscle tone, and joint range of motion. This will measure their current status against past exams as well as norms for the breed, age, and gender.

CBC – Complete Blood Count

The Complete Blood Count, commonly called a “CBC” is a routine blood test that is used in all stages of health and illness. This test provides information about the different cell types in the blood. The CBC can indicate the presence of many forms of disease. This information is helpful in finding out how your pet’s immune system in functioning.


We evaluate your pet’s urine to reveal hydration status, infections, kidney or bladder disease, diabetes and other health conditions.


The thyroid gland acts like a thermostat and “sets” the metabolic rate of the body. The most common thyroid disease in pets is hypothyroidism.This occurs when the thyroid gland fails to produce enough thyroid hormone. Hormone levels should be tested routinely in senior pets, especially if there is unexplained weight gain, lack of energy, recurring skin or ear infections, or hair loss on the body and tail.


This test measures kidney function and is extremely important for senior dogs and cats who are at risk for renal failure as they age.


Fecal exams screen for intestinal parasites. Parasite can cause anemia, weight loss, bloating, intestinal blockage, and even death in affected animals.

Chem 17

This blood panel provides an overview of many of the body’s functions. Results of this test can tell us about liver, kidney and pancreas function and electrolyte levels.

We encourage you to make an appointment as soon as possible, as spots will fill quickly. Schedule your pet’s senior wellness visit online or by calling us at 402-331-3307.