12-week turnaround challenge

Here’s the skinny: to much weight gain can endanger your pet.

Obesity among pets has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Did you realize that approximately 52% of all US dogs and 58% of all US cats weigh enough to be considered obese or overweight?

When your sweet cat Tabby starts looking tubby, his lifespan can be two years shorter than a cat at his recommended weight. An overweight pet can suffer from life-threatening conditions like heart disease or diabetes. (Imagine giving your dog insulin shots every 12 hours!)

Dogs or cats that don’t exercise and put on weight may experience orthopedic injuries, cruciate tears, intervertebral disk disease or arthritis. Losing just a little weight can initiate increased activity levels and lead to better health and a longer lifespan for your pet.


Join Nero in the 12-Week Turn Around Challenge

Each contestant must schedule a free competition entry appointment October 8-19. Your pet will receive a weight evaluation, body condition scoring, before picture, and measurements will be recorded. Each contestant will receive a Purina weight loss package to help meet their weight loss goals.


This package contains:

a free 6# bag of Purina OM dog food or Purina OM cat food
specific instructions for feeding based on your pet’s weight evaluation
food bowl and measuring cup
laser pointer (for cats) or frisbee/ball (for dogs)
discounted pet food during the 12-week challenge



How the12-Week Turn Around Challenge works 

Over the 12-week period, your pet will check in monthly at PAH for weigh-ins. The contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss and most points during social media check-ins will receive the grand prize, which includes a complete spa package and a 3-month supply of weight loss food.

To earn points, you must check-in using #weighinwednesday, posting to our Facebook page showcasing your pet participating in provided weight loss suggestions or get creative and show me how your aiding in your pet’s weight loss!  Each check-in is equal to 1 point.


12-Week Turn Around Challenge Contest Details and Rules:

Clients wanting their pet to join the program must schedule an intake appointment Oct. 8-19 and we will accept entries while supplies last. This appointment is complimentary and there will be no charge associated with this service. At the appointment, the client will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire/diet history for their pet. Our staff will then use this information to counsel the client as to how to successfully start their pet’s weight loss journey (changes in the home environment, the addition of exercise program, reduction of treats, etc).

At the end of the appointment, our staff will then take pictures of the pet and record their current weight. This appointment will be with an exam room nurse, will last about 20 minutes and is required for entry; pet must have an up to date physical with our hospital (within the last year). The client will be required to come back each month for additional pictures and weight checks.

The client will sign an authorization allowing us to use their pet’s story and images for advertisement.
At the end of the contest period, one dog and one cat winner will be announced. The winner chosen will be the pet that has lost the highest percentage of overall body weight in addition to social media points earned.  The prize awarded to this pet will be a complete spa package AND 3 months’ worth of Overweight Management pet food.

One Canine and one Feline will be selected as the grand winner. The final weigh-in and after pictures will be taken approx. Dec. 21. And winner announced approx. Dec. 28.

Good Luck!